Hair Care


Hair Care Tips


Makeda Hair is the highest quality human hair you can obtain. Our hair is virgin hair, unprocessed and has never been treated with chemicals of any kind.  The more you take care of your hair, the better you protect your investment…

Upon receipt of hair
  • Always inspect the hair before installing the hair. Leave the bundle intact. If there are any issues with the hair you should notice at this time and return it under our Exchange and Return Policy.
  • Next, you want to co-wash the hair before you use it (this is highly recommended for all 100% virgin hair.) This is because Co-washing will assist in keeping your hair clean, free from dryness & dullness. You can co-wash your hair with a conditioner of your chose. Co-washing should be done at least once a week. Doing this step will keep your hair moisturized & shiny. Also, it will DEFINE & MAKE your Curls & Waves POP back!!! (You can view videos on how to co-wash your hair on YouTube).
When washing your hair
  • Completely comb through and detangle before washing. Make sure hairs are being washed in one direction (from scalp to ends) or straight down to avoid tangling.
  • Always use a moisturizing non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner.
  • When conditioner is on the hair, leave it on for approximately five minutes, and then comb through the hair starting from the ends. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Squeeze out excess water and let the hair AIR DRY (letting your hair air-dry will help it in the long run) but do not go to bed with wet hair. Hair can be blow dried but excessive heat is not recommended.
Seal your wefts before hair install
  • Prior to the installation of your hair extensions, for extra protection of your weft, we recommend you seal your weft! It will eliminate shedding and add longevity to your investment.(You can view videos on how to seal your weft on YouTube).
  • Note: Just as your own natural hair, hair must shed, however, after sealing your wefts you should not experience excessive shedding. Make sure when sealing your wefts you are applying the sealant to both sides of the weft. This will guarantee your wefts are sealed tight. All products wear off especially if you are manipulating it on a daily basis (washing, combing, brushing, &pulling); thus we recommend that for every re-installation of your hair extensions, you must again re-seal your wefts.
When styling your hair
  • Remind your stylist that it is the best not to cut the weft when installing and to also use a looping sewing technique instead of penetrating the weft as this is a major cause of hair shedding.
  • Do not overuse products on the hair as too much products will create a buildup on the hair and will cause the hair to become weighed down. If hair becomes weighed down then condition and shampoo with sulfate-free products.  Make sure hair is properly de-tangled before washing.
  • The hair can be colored, ombre or permed. We recommend anti-frizz serum be used after the hair is colored and washed. We also suggest you color your hair before you install it if you’re not comfortable with bleaching.
  • Virgin hair can be brushed, blow-dried, curled and styled in any way you like but use a heat protectant prior to heat styling.
  • For curly hair, be sure to brush the hair gently always from the bottom to the top daily and apply a leave-in conditioner as well as a curl activator to the hair so it is soft and moist and does not frizz. We recommend leave in conditioner and daily use of serums. If you do not apply a leave in curl conditioner or serum the hair will start to frizz and become dry.
Deep condition/condition deep
  • Over the weeks you might have co-washed, shampooed & conditioned, or NOTHING at all! However, you must take out a day to deep condition/condition deep your Hair! This care tip is crucial if you have color-treated, straightened, curled, or added products to your hair. Deep conditioning/conditioning deep will help with the longevity of your hair, pulling moisture back in, & allowing it to BOUNCE back from dryness & damage. Achieve this care tip by using a good conditioner or deep conditioner.
After exercising or swimming
  • Wash the hair immediately after swimming, spa, and excessive exercise. When dirt and sweat accumulate, hair will become tangled and weighed.
  • Make sure to brush the hair daily with a pronged or wig brush and always starts from the ends and work your way up.