The name “Makeda” originates from the Queen of Sheba from Ethiopia. She is a queen legendary for her beauty, power and wealth.

“Makeda” is not just a product or a name; it is an International Luxury Brand for various beauty products. Makeda Beauty is a fast growing distribution & retail Company with products of fair trade and highest quality. We have spent a great deal of time, research and dedication to find only the best, from our suppliers to offer our customers.

We pride ourselves on providing the maximum customer satisfaction with our unique products to ensure our customers look glamorous and successful. Our vision is to fulfil a promise to our clients of modernity with roots in tradition, elegance with a twist of glamour, uniqueness, quality, trust and beauty.

Our first brand we introduced was “Makeda Hair”. It has been an amazing journey to source and provide the best human hair in the world to our clients with a guarantee for an exchange if any defect (this is proof our confidence in our hair). It has been very fulfilling to get feedbacks from our clients all over the world on how the hair speaks for itself, sells itself and brings out their inner and true personalities without shedding or tangling.

Makeda Hair is a one-stop shop for all hair needs as we specialise in Hair Extensions, Closures, Clip-On Extensions, Wigs and Hair Accessories like ponytail clips to suits every woman’s hair texture, needs, styles and personalities.

Our clients, their hair, their beauty and everything about them are what we seek to please, enhance and satisfy; and thus far it has been a delightful experience.

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Be glamorous!!!